Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Harmful effects of dyes on hair

With the increase in pollution, tension, genetic factors etc. the premature greying of hair has become a common problem. Age factor is also responsible for the same. Most of the people use different methods of colouring their hair. Some use henna, some dyes and some use different way of colouring. Hair dying is a common name in this context. This can cause allergy to the person who uses this.

It is made up of chemicals. According to Vincent Crump of the Auckland Allergy Clinic, continuous use of hair dye on hair can elevate the chances of a person to a severe allergic reaction. He says” People need to be aware if your are going to dye your hair-especially if it’s a permanent dye that your run that risk.” Dr Crump has announced that after his report that he developed after thorough analysing the fact he found how a women developed a bad reaction to hair dye and causing it to the women coming in her contact also.

The main thing that is used in dye is coal tar for getting hair black. Its presence only can color one's hair. Many dyes claim that they do not contain any coal tar for color or this could be true in their case but in many dye around 70% of dyes still coal tar is used. This is one of the dangerous ingredient. Once this ingredient enters the head or eyes than could be very dangerous for the user. When tested it was found that use of coar tar on animals could result in skin cancer or other type of internal cancer in body.

Other than coal tar the other chemicals that could be used in dye could be formaldehyde, hydantoin, phenyl methyl pyrazolon etc. Hair dye can have allergic reaction also. The severe allergy can result in the swelling of mouth, face or tongue. The eyes could also get affected by this. People suffereing with Asthma can also get affected by the use of dye.In a study it was found that those who are in the profession of hair styling are in a greater risk of asthma.

It is never advisable to play with your health and beauty only for the sake of coloring your hair black. You can go for other natural products like henna or can use branded hair products for your hair that can make your hair look great and have not side effects at the same time. One such example is Loreal. It is a named product and a great brand which you can also give a try. Atlast we can only suggest that always go in a natural way and try to avoid synthetic, artificial and cheap products.
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